Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Globe: Back from the brink?

Has The Boston Globe been saved at the stroke of midnight? Thanks to this site for the photo. reported mere minutes ago that a tentative agreement has been reached between the New York Times Company and the Boston Newspaper Guild that will allow The Boston Globe to continue publishing.

Times management said last month it expected to lose $85 million this year and needed $20 million in concessions from the unions in order to stay in business. Agreements were reached earlier this week between the Times and the three other unions at the paper. The breakthrough in negotiations occurred after the Times threatened late Sunday to officially notify the state that it planned to close the Globe in 60 days.

There’s a special section at with the Globe’s coverage of its fight to stay alive (meta, but necessary). For coverage and analysis from those outside the Globe offices, check out the media blogs at The Boston Phoenix as well as the Herald. The Herald’s blog has an interesting post detailing how much better the Globe reporters are treated at Sacred Heart School in Weymouth (site of the negotiations) than the rest of the reporters. Surf those sites today for the latest news.

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