Friday, April 24, 2009

Hey Joe...

A quick mid-game post to wonder just what the hell Joe Girardi is doing at the moment at Fenway. My guess: Trying to hide a Brian Bruney injury. Bruney, the Yankees' top set-up man, hasn't pitched since Tuesday and isn't even in the bullpen as the Yankees try to close out a 4-2 win. Mariano Rivera, 39 years old and eight months removed from shoulder surgery, is in for a four-out save.

The penultimate chapter in Fighting Words discusses how much more careful the Red Sox have become in disclosing injury information. I've grown more curious, as well, as to how other teams handle injury information, and Girardi has had a tough time straddling the line between bluffing and lying about Yankees ailments. So it'll be curious to see if anything is wrong with Bruney, and how Girardi handles the post-game questioning.

Edit #1: Jason Bay hits a two-run homer with two outs in the ninth, turning a near-certain win into disaster for the Yankees. This post-game will be very interesting. Girardi isn't nearly as comfortable with second-guessing or questioning as Joe Torre was.

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